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Crime Investigation Products
UV & White Light Used In The Security Field
Labino is a Swedish manufacturer of high quality ultra-powerful UV and white light lamps. Labino’s UV and white light lamps are used world-wide by police, military, criminal investigators, SAR personnel, detectives, fire departments, and security forces, to name just a few.
Crime - UV And Blood
There are several common ways to detect blood at the crime scene. One very easy and quick way to detect blood is to use UV light. By using ultraviolet light it is possible to do an effective and quick check for possible bloodstains. A bloodstain exposed to UV light absorbs all light of that bandwidth and does not reflect back - that is to say, it does not fluoresce in any way.
Crime - UV And Body Fluids
Detecting body fluids at the crime scene is a delegate task. Using a UV light lamp however makes the job easier. Most stains from body fluids can be seen when using a high intensity UV light. That is to say that most body fluids have some fluorescent nature or reveal themselves in a special way when illuminated with UV light.
Crime - UV And Finger Prints
At some crime scenes, often those more serious in nature, it may be possible to locate contact areas with fluorescence examination for targeted DNA swabbing. Labino offers powerful ultraviolet and forensic lamps that
are optimal for this task.
Crime - UV And Fire Investigations
Arson investigators use ultraviolet light as a simple, reliable and cost effective method of arson detection. Ultraviolet light is used to detect information that is otherwise invisible to the human eye and to uncover valuable information which can be used to solve a fire investigation.
Crime - UV And Invisible Ink
By using a UV fluorescent marking pen, valuables can be discretely marked with important details such as a name, initials, phone number, case number, date or other information. Police also mark weapons, plastic baggies of narcotics or electronics used in sting operations using this method. Such ink is invisible to the naked eye and is only revealed when illuminated with UV light. In case of burglary, the owner of a recovered,stolen item which has been marked in this way can be traced simply by using an ultraviolet lamp.
Crime - UV And Narcotics
Some narcotics such as amphetamine, cocaine and certain MDMA tablets are clearly fluorescent when illuminated with UV light. Even minute amounts of certain narcotics can be readily visible when illuminated with UV, making the investigators work much easier when, for example, performing a house search for suspected narcotics.
Crime - White Light And Crime Scene Investigation
Investigators working on an arson scene often work in a very dark, soot-covered environment that lacks adequate lighting. In order to be able to see,investigators need to illuminate the environment as much as possible. This is often best done with the white light of a very powerful MPXL based lamp, and by turning the lamp upwards so that the beam is pointed towards the ceiling.
Labino - TrAc Finder
The TrAc Finder was designed to be easy to use. Knowing which flters to use and when, however is not an exact science.The investigator often acquires this knowledge through years of experience. This is because no two crime scenes are ever identical and the state and condition of material, substances and traces can vary.