• Labino - Torch Light - UVG2

  • Labino - Big Beam UV Led Duo Power

  • MPI Power Source

  • Yoke

  • Black Light

  • SMB-20

  • Custom Built Equipment

  • RFI-D

  • UV Eye

  • TAM Panels


Magnetic Particle Inspection Accessories
MTU Test Block
MTU Blocks are used to test the sensitivity of Wet Method MPI Baths. These reference blocks are provided with a reference picture, so an existing or new Bath can be compared to indications from an optimum system. These blocks can be used for Wet Fluorescent or Visible Baths (with White Contrast Paint. MTU Blocks can be re-certified, when necessary, by an authorized agency
QQI Type A - For Longitudinal & Circular Flaws
Standard QQI, flaw depth of 30% of Shim thickness, 0.002" thick. Self Adhesive Basic circular and crossed bar flaw configuration suitable for longitudinal and circular fields